Since the beginning of 2021, alumina production has suffered from significant and continuous cost increases- in particular energy, carbon credit and freight, among others. Packaging and additional minor supplies have likewise been increasing continuously since January. This sudden cost increase has hit the alumina industry after almost two years of relatively stable or even decreasing prices in a slow-moving environment. The market has also dramatically changed with demand exceeding capacity on most of Alteo’s product lines.


Therefore, Alteo will raise prices on its entire product portfolio. Price increases will vary, based on market and product, and will be applied on shipments as of September 1st, 2021.


Alteo invests continuously in new product developments and capacity expansions to meet growing demand on all markets, particularly advanced ceramics, fillers and coatings and high performance refractories. Alteo is committed to providing to its global customers with the highest quality of specialty alumina and level of service, in an environmentally sustainable way.


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