Stable aluminas
at the service of glass purity

Glass is one of the oldest materials shaped by man. Its use has spread to a large number of everyday applications for which technical requirements are continuously rising. The high-end glasses contain between 1 and 25% of alumina according to their use.

The main applications containing alumina are the substrates for LCD screens, protective glasses for smartphones, glass-ceramic plates or even pharmaceutical glass.
In these examples, alumina contributes to the improvement of:

  • mechanical properties and transparency of the glass
  • resistance to chemical contaminations
  • thermal shock resistance

To meet each applications’ requirements, Alteo has developed a range of aluminas and hydrates for which the control of the chemical parameters (Fe2O3, Na2O) and the impurity content are key. The particle size and the grain structure contribute to the good flow of the powder in the melt baths.
Through its significant calcination capacities, Alteo is positioned as a key player for these high volume markets.

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