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refractory materials

High-performance refractory materials are found in many industries: manufacture of iron and steel, cement, glass, non-ferrous metals,…

They have two main purposes: ensure the proper completion of the manufacturing process and improve the quality of the finished products.

A typical refractory material is composed of aggregates, a matrix surrounding these aggregates and additives.

The aggregates form the skeleton of the refractory material and provide the major part of the refractoriness, resistance to high temperature and resistance to corrosion and erosion. The matrix is composed of fine and ultra-fine materials (alumina, refractory cement, micro-silica,…) and plays the role of binder. It will also provide the material with its specific properties, notably by facilitating its installation or enhancing certain properties of the aggregates (refractoriness, resistance to abrasion,…).

The refractory material may take different forms according to its intended use: bricks castables, shotcrete, plastics, precast castables,…

The role of the matrix is therefore extremely important in achieving the performance of the material.

Alteo’s range of refractory aluminas was developed to offer manufacturers of refractory materials:

  • ease of installation of their materials (castables, plastics,…)
  • better management of impurities which may migrate into finished products (steel, aluminum, cement,…)
  • an increase in the refractory performance of their materials
  • better resistance to corrosion or abrasion
  • an increase in the resistance to thermal shock

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Alteo continues its development in Asia with the creation of a Refractory application laboratory in China

Alteo has just finalized the implementation of a laboratory dedicated to the refractory market in China. Located in Qingdao, Shandong…
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The products supplied by Alteo are in compliance with REACH regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 and its amendments.
Our products are registered and Alteo received from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) the REACH registration numbers as below:

Alteo product range Substance nameCAS NumberREACH registration number
Hydrated aluminasAluminium hydroxide21645-51-201-2119529246-39-0000
Calcined AluminasAluminium oxide1344-28-101-2119529248-35-0197

The Products manufactured by Alteo do not contain REACH SVHC* (Substance of Very High Concern) materials in excess of 0.1% by weight.
The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are conform to REACH regulation:

Calcined aluminas
Spray dried powder
Dried hydrateMoist hydrate

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