for more reliable lithium-ion batteries

The lithium-ion battery is the best rechargeable energy source that is currently available due to its long life and the quantity of energy that it generates.
These batteries are composed of two electrodes – a cathode based on lithium and a graphite anode, an organic liquid electrolyte and a separator.
The separators of lithium-ion batteries are microporous films made of polyolefins (polymers) positioned between the cathode and the anode of the batteries. These separators prevent contact between the electrodes, which would cause a short circuit and the battery to overheat or even explode.
They nevertheless allow the passage of lithium ions from one electrode to the other, thus generating current.

Alteo’s SEPAL range was developed as a coating for the separators of lithium-ion batteries, to make them more reliable.

With particular attention paid to the quality and purity of aluminas, SEPAL products ensure:
• improvement of the thermal stability of separators (> 130-150°C)
• better heat dissipation in case of overheating
• resistance to the penetration of metallic dendrites, thus avoiding short circuits

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Presentation of our new SEPAL range at Shanghai 11th International Lithium-Ion Battery Exhibition

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Alteo joins forces with Ginet Group on China’s battery market

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