Finer & purer aluminas
for high technology applications

The technical or advanced ceramics market includes a wide variety of applications. We can distinguish two families:

  • dense ceramics: ballistic protection, spray nozzles, grinding media, electrical insulators, substrates for electronics …
  • porous ceramics: catalyst support for petrochemical applications, particulate filters, membranes for ultrafiltration …

These markets require purer and finer aluminas with stable and consistent characteristics.

Alteo’s long experience in the technical ceramics market, the variety of grinding technologies installed and, at the start of 2019, a high-purity alumina facility make Alteo a technical leader and a first-rate business partner.

We can highlight what Alteo has to offer:

  • the largest production capacity of very low soda content alumina to support customers’ growth
  • a wide range of products, including a high-purity alumina and ready-to-use spray dried aluminas
  • high quality and stability of its powders
  • an application laboratory dedicated to technical ceramics

Discover all of our products in the brochure.

Alumina is also used in standard ceramics and tiles: see the brochure “Specialty Aluminas for Standard Ceramics” for more information.

These brochures are available in different languages. Contact our team to know more.


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The products supplied by Alteo are in compliance with REACH regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 and its amendments.
Our products are registered and Alteo received from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) the REACH registration numbers as below:

Alteo product range Substance nameCAS NumberREACH registration number
Hydrated aluminasAluminium hydroxide21645-51-201-2119529246-39-0000
Calcined AluminasAluminium oxide1344-28-101-2119529248-35-0197

The Products manufactured by Alteo do not contain REACH SVHC* (Substance of Very High Concern) materials in excess of 0.1% by weight.
The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are conform to REACH regulation:

Calcined aluminas
Spray dried powder
Dried hydrateMoist hydrate

Please contact our commercial team for a specific language version.