A wide range of aluminas
for a perfect finish

Polishing is a multi-step process that aims to improve the surface of a material. It is a complex market because the choice of products depends on both the material to be polished and the desired finish. Finished products are usually paste, suspensions, etc … They are used in the automotive field, in household products and many other industries.

There are usually several steps in the use of polishing products: preparation, polishing and finishing. At each stage, two phenomena occur: material removal and lapping.

For these reasons, Alteo has developed a large range of calcined aluminas to cover all needs. Through the level of calcination and the size of the grains, it is possible to influence the final effect of the surface to be polished.
This application requires great precision, especially regarding alumina grain size. Any particle of a size larger than the others could cause a scratch of the surface.

Alteo has structured its range according to the hardness of the agglomerates and attaches special care to the particle size distribution and the stability of its products.

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