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Alteo joins the European Cluster of Ceramics

Since January 1, 2024, Alteo has officially joined the European Cluster of Ceramics  in Limoges. This strategic collaboration aims to strengthen our position in key sectors such as aerospace, defense, electronics, energy, luxury goods and healthcare. The technical ceramics market, on which Alteo recently launched its new brand HYCal®, is characterized by a strong innovative […]

Alteo’s Decarbonation Plan is moving forward !

We are very pleased to announce the official signing of the financing agreement by the French government for this major ALTEO project. Our company has embarked on an ambitious project, including initiatives such as lagging, insulation, the installation of an electric boiler, and the installation of a Mechanical Vapour Recompression system. This project was made […]

Alteo launches HYCal®: alumina solutions for Advanced Ceramics

As a major specialty aluminas supplier for advance ceramics, Alteo strengthens its leadership by expanding its range of high performing and innovative specialty aluminas. Alteo is proud to announce the launch of Alteo’s HYCal® brand of aluminas. The new brand is dedicated to advanced ceramics and strengthens Alteo’s commitment to excellence and quality to support […]

DECARBONATION – Alteo’s action supported by the French Government

The decarbonization of industry is a key element in reducing global warming. After the Industrial Transformation Project carried out in 2021/2022, which enabled a reduction of more than 50% in CO2 emissions at its Gardanne site, Alteo is launching part 2 in 2023, which will enable an additional reduction of more than 10% in its […]