We are very pleased to announce the official signing of the financing agreement by the French government for this major ALTEO project. Our company has embarked on an ambitious project, including initiatives such as lagging, insulation, the installation of an electric boiler, and the installation of a Mechanical Vapour Recompression system.

This project was made possible thanks to ALTEO’s participation in the Zero Fossil Fuel Industry Call for Projects, initiated by the French government and the ADEME, which enabled us to be selected as one of the 16 winning projects in France.

We would like to highlight several significant advances in the completion of this project:

  • The first phase of insulation work is now complete.
  • The order for the electric boiler has been confirmed, with delivery scheduled for the summer of 2024.
  • The Mechanical Vapour Recompression project is at an advanced design stage, with installation scheduled in 2025.

These concrete achievements testify ALTEO’s commitment and collective excellence in bringing large-scale projects to fruition.