From a distinguished past to a new world of aluminas

Founded 120 years ago and after many years as part of Pechiney, then Alcan and most recently Rio Tinto, Alteo was formed on 1st August 2012, following its purchase by H.I.G. Capital Europe.


Total integration for a high-quality product range

With a production capacity of over 600 000 tons, products are destined principally for ceramics, refractories and glass.


Made in France with a global presence

Alteo's production site is in Gardanne, France, which also hosts Commercial and Technical management including the R&D facility.

A key component of Alteo’s strategy is to develop its presence globally: 80% of our turnover comes from outside France and the contribution from outside Europe has increased by 150% over the last 5 years.

To support this, Alteo has 3 commercial hubs and 14 sales offices located in the main regional zones of Europe, North America and Asia, with an enhanced network throughout Asia. In addition, several local warehouses permit Alteo to offer the highest quality of service, with an ensured supply and minimum lead time to our customers.

Quality, service, technical support and development: fundamental to our success

Strengthened by its historical role and know-how in the alumina industry, Alteo strives for the highest product quality and levels of customer service and has reinforced this goal with two teams fully dedicated to ensuring this: one is focused on production quality and process consistency and the other to customer support and service.

We have also refocused our customer technical support group in addition to enhancements already made to our R&D capabilities.

This ensures that we will work even closer with clients and prospects to accelerate product innovation, development and improvement in harmony with their current and future application needs.

All Alteo activities are accredited to the standards ISO 9001 Quality, ISO14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety and ISO 50001 Energy management.

Health, safety and the environment: Alteo's daily duty of care...

Each of Alteo’s employees, subcontrators and temporaryworkers are involved in the company’s integrated management system for Health, Safety and the Environment.
Reducing the environmental footprint is the daily objective at each plant and in the last 5 years, this has enabled reductions in emissions of CO2 by 15%, dust by a factor of 10, and sulphur dioxide (SO2) by a factor of 20.


... Sustainable development: our long term responsability

To stop definitively rejection of bauxite residue into the sea in 2015, Gardanne teams developed innovative and unique technologies.

Thus, Alteo has the ability to manage 100% its water surplus and bauxite residue.

Moreover this supports further development of our Bauxaline® product which is already used for construction and decontamination.

By focusing on sustainable development, Alteo maintain its postuer as a leading player in our industry.