Our environmental commitments

Alteo has been committed to a permanent approach aimed at reducing its environmental footprint for many years.

Three major projects illustrate this commitment:

  • Ending bauxite residue disposal into the sea
  • Reducing particle emissions in the production plants
  • Energy optimization

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Alteo has also embraced recycling with two major projects:

  • Recycling industrial waste up to 75%: rubber, paper, cardboard boxes and plastic.
  • Recycling bauxite residues up to 30%, with a new product being launched and used for many applications: Bauxaline®.



All our business activities are authorised and regularly checked by French and government bodies.

Alteo is ISO 140001 & ISO 50001-certified for its environmental protection and its energy managment approach.

Find out more about the Alteo Environment policy by checking out our website: www.alteo-environnement-gardanne.fr or by contacting us.


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