Since December 2016, Alteo has had a grinding plant in Taiwan and from this month, Alteo triples its capacity following the installation of new grinders. Further expansion is expected within 1 year, to follow continued market growth.

The raw material for these grinders is a very low soda alumina produced by the alumina plant in Gardanne (France). Taiwan's production facility specializes in a range of super-ground products for high-growth markets: structural ceramics and battery membranes.

An analytical laboratory has also been installed to ensure the quality of these high-value products.

With this investment, Alteo increases further its presence in the Asian market and continues to develop it quickly on high-tech products.


About Alteo:
With a production capacity of over 600 000 tons and a turnover of 200 M€, Alteo is a leading producer of high-value specialty aluminas. Alteo’s customers are market leaders in the ceramic and refractory industries as well as special glass, catalyst, fillers, polishing and flame retardant industries.

Alteo supplies more than 1,000 different locations worldwide with hydrated, calcined, reactive, low and very low soda alumina, through an extensive network of sales offices and local inventory points. Strengthened by more than 120 years’ experience and know-how in the alumina industry, Alteo relies on its integrated application laboratory and its R&D team to develop and offer its customers the highest product quality and level of service.