Flame retardant filler


In heat ATH (aluminium hydroxide or alumina trihydrate) decomposition begins at around 200°C. At first the hydrate loses two water molecules. The reaction is endothermic, so  surrounding heat is consumed, slowing fire propagation. The released water reacts as a smoke suppressor.
The last water molecule is released at around 600°C.
ATH is used in a number of applications as a filler :
  • Synthetic latex in the carpet backing
  • Unsaturated polyester in the Sheet Moulding Compounds & Bulk Moulding Compounds.
Depending on the customer’s process, hydrates with different particle size distributions are used.
Market : 
Flame retardant
Coarse alumina hydrate

Aluminium trihydroxide (ATH) is produced by the Bayer Process in Gardanne. These ATH grades are used for the production of a variety of aluminium salts and in glass production.

SH500 SH950
Fine alumina hydrate

Aluminium trihydroxide (ATH) produced by the Gardanne Bayer process is subject to controlled grinding to obtain a range of particle size distributions and low viscosity grades.

LVSH3 SH100 SH150 SH300 SH30
SH60 SH80
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