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ALTEO Gardanne plant (Bouches-du-Rhône in France) was the first in the world, back in 1893, to use the Bayer process to produce alumina on an industrial scale. Since then, the site has grown and has also adapted to the demanding production needs of specialty aluminas.
The Bayer process is used by most alumina production sites over the world. It involves bauxite digestion at high temperature and pressure in a soda solution, to dissolve alumina. It is then precipitated and crystallized to produce aluminium hydroxide. The soda, after separating from the insoluble part of the ore, is sent back to the digestion step.
The remaining insoluble part of the ore, thoroughly washed and dried by a Filter press, is called Bauxaline®.
Thanks to its constant properties coming from its industrial origin, and good mechanical performances validated by major laboratories, the Bauxaline® is a sustainable alternative to the use of natural materials for various applications.

As an example, Bauxaline® has demonstrated a dramatic capacity to capture pollutants like heavy metals. From this feature, several applications are derived.




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