Business ethics

Alteo conducts its business with integrity, honesty and fairness

We are in favour of free and fair competition. As regards the fight against fraud and corruption in all its forms, our watchword is zero tolerance. We take professional decisions in the best interests of the group, regardless of external or personal influences.

For our business activities we provide accurate and comprehensive information to our customers to enable them to make well-founded decisions. We do not tolerate misrepresentation, fraud or deliberate omission of information. We honour our commitments, promises, agreements and obligations fully and completely. The quality of our service is the key to our success and our growth.

Alteo is expanding internationally

A prerequisite for our presence abroad: respect for the legal and regulatory framework underpins all our international expansion.

ALTEO and its distributors operate in more than 60 countries. Our employees work with customers, suppliers and shareholders all around the world. With that comes the obligation to behave responsibly as a corporate citizen in compliance with the rules of fair competition.

Our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship is achieved by managing our international affairs with the utmost respect for human rights. This is evident in our attitude to labour relations, in our employment practices, in our relationships with suppliers and in the way we conduct our activities in emerging markets.

Alteo arranges its purchases at lower cost, but not at any price

Our procurement department does indeed occupy a strategic position when it comes to corporate social responsibility. It provides the link with the contractual stakeholders who are essential to our business: our suppliers.

At ALTEO we are particularly committed to choosing suppliers who adhere to ethical principles

equivalent to our own. Our aim is to establish sustainable and lasting relationships with our suppliers, reflecting mutual respect and active partnerships oriented towards progress.